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Take a walk through our product demonstration survey and see the variety of question options and survey research possibilities offered through VantagePoint.

Vertical Radio Buttons
Vertical radio buttons are the standard radio button/single select response type. Randomization of some or all of the responses is possible and is used to avoid response bias. "Other specify" responses can easily be added to a vertical radio button response list.
I. How did you hear about NetReflector/VantagePoint?
Drop Down Select List
Drop down select lists are used in order to reduce scrolling through long response lists. The drawback of using this response type is that the respondent cannot always see all of the responses at the same time, so the reponse set should be something they are already familiar with. Examples of lists where you would use drop-down select responses are state or country names or perhaps industry as you see it below.
II. In what industry do you work?

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